Unconditional Love

Can unconditional love happen in romantic relationships? I remember being utterly dismayed watching my daughter walk into the kitchen without any makeup, unbrushed hair and crumpled attire followed by her boyfriend of one year, both in their early twenties. With boyfriend safely out of earshot I asked why on earth would you walk around like that? Her indignant response "if he cannot love me warts and all then he is not for me!". She is adamant true unconditional love is to love freely, to love to someone no matter what.

She's right of course, unconditional love should be unwavering, regardless of changes in appearance or personality ups and downs. To receive love and feel confident in someone's love, knowing it is real and consistently strong, gives us a strong sense of self-worth.

Many of us may not fully understand what unconditional love actually is. Or we may find it hard to offer our love freely and openly without expecting something in return.  Just think how wonderful it is to be in a loving relationship where we can accept all the flaws, challenges, highs and lows within that relationship. You may know you are experiencing unconditional love when you don't judge your partner or friend for their faults.  Criticising loved ones is damaging to a relationship. Also, offering understanding and empathy when someone you love is having a bad day shows love. 

Rose quartz to help release love and to love freely and unconditionally...

Tapping into the unique healing properties of crystals can help us to focus all our attention on what it is we most desire. If you desire to open up your heart more, to give and receive love, rose quartz can help you. Rose quartz supports all types of love, including unconditional and romantic love.

Perhaps you are dealing with an angry child. Anger is an emotion within a child, one we can respond to with love. A child might think we will only love them if they are happy and well behaved. We can show that we love a child unconditionally, whether they are angry or happy.

Perhaps you fall head over heels in love too easily, letting your heart run away with you. In this case, Rose Quartz can help, especially if we combine it with other crystals. You might want to incorporate Rose Quartz with Garnet since Garnet is a grounding stone, so it will help you keep your feet on the ground.

Forgiveness plays a big part in unconditional love. You might think forgiveness is about letting someone who has caused you to hurt off the hook. Unconditional love toward someone is all about you choosing to no longer carry around anger or hurt you feel caused by another's actions. It's an act of self-love.

How to Use Rose Quartz

Wear it as a necklace, close to your heart chakra. Or, as a bracelet, close to your pulse. Or as a ring, particularly on your ring finger. Wearing a heart shape rose quartz is a nice touch, especially for romantic love and unconditional love. Tumble stones that can be held and used with your favourite mantra throughout the day. If you wish to attract romantic love, you can mediate with your piece of crystal held against your heart.

Working with crystals is all about putting your energies into the crystal. Visualise your energy filled with love emanating from your heart, passing through the crystal and expanding out into the universe to attract love. Whilst you are meditating, repeat your mantra.

Rose Quarts for Unconditional Love

Mantras and Affirmations You Might Like to Use

"I am nurturing, and I accept nurturing from others. I am compassionate and kind. I give love to others and readily accept theirs in return."
- Margaret Ann Lembo

"I open my heart to love, forgivess and joy. I welcome all that is good in the World. And so it is."
- Anon

"I radiate unconditional love and forgiveness for myself and others."
- Anon

"I am enough. I am whole and deserving of infinite love exactly as I am."
- Anon


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