Emotional Healing Energy Bracelet Set

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Emotional Healing Energy Bracelet Set


This bead bracelet set is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that's sure to make you feel better from head to toe. The crystal beads are hand-selected for their healing properties, and they have been infused with positive energy during their creation. This means that every time you wear them, they'll send out positive vibes into the world around you - helping reduce stress levels both at home and at work!

Black Tourmaline  is a wonderful grounding stone, working to keep you feeling whole and complete. Like many dark precious stones, it is an effective cleanser of negative energy, soaking up the darkness without compromising its own positive vibrations.

Amethyst - Balance out the highs and lows with Amethyst, the most powerful healing stone. Amethyst helps centre you emotionally. It softens sadness and dispels anger, fear and anxiety.

Rose Quartz  will help banish harsh thoughts and anxiety. Allow those soothing vibrations to bring healing light and gentle joy to ease those stresses away.

  • Dimensions - S, M, L or Custom Fit
  • Jewellery Type - Bracelet
  • Main Stone Type - Black Tourmaline; Rose Quartz; Amethyst
  • Material - Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones
  • Brand - Djuna
  • Metal Type - Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Type - Bead with Sterling Accent
  • Bead Size - 4mm