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      Stacking Bracelets - Mix 'n' Match

      Whether you prefer a single gemstone bracelet or love to stack them up, our handmade bracelets are crafted with genuine gemstone beads to infuse your life with positive energy. Explore our Intention Bracelet Sets or reach out to us if you're looking for a specific gemstone – we'll be happy to source it for you!
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      Crafted with care, our bracelets are your perfect companion for finding inner peace and balance. Embrace the power of gemstones and enhance your mindfulness journey today.


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      Introducing our latest gemstone bracelets. Each piece embodies serenity and strength. Embrace the power of intention with our new arrivals, and let your journey towards inner harmony begin.



      Mix and match to your heart's content, crafting a personalised piece that reflects your unique style and energy. Dive into a world of vibrant gemstones and endless possibilities!



      Our collection of Crystal Bracelets are for you to create your own style and combination of crystal energy.  Our most popular bracelet set is Sunstone, Ocean Jasper and Rainbow Moonstone: Joy & Happiness Bracelet Set 

      Crystals contain minerals that carry energy properties and vibrations from the earth. Hence, they can work in tune with your body to promote balance, compassion and love. You can place the crystals around your home, office or use them as jewellery to channel their subtle healing properties and enhance creativity and happiness. Nowadays, the chaos and demands of modern life make many people think that happiness is an impossible pursuit. While you do not expect life to be a series of joyful moments, you can seek things that give you positive energy. Many people long for gentle waves of joy and a spark of positivity to light up their lives. Apart from meditation and yoga, you can use crystals to reduce anxiety and tap into your inner joy.

      Stacking Bracelets are perfect for feeling the benefits of the healing properties since they touch our skin and are close to our pulse. And best of all, we can see them, unlike earrings or a necklace. 

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