Pyrite Healing Bracelet


It is said that Pyrite channels psychic development and deeper sight to help you witness the truth behind words and action.This beautiful Pyrite beaded bracelet will make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.   Features a half moon cut sterling silver accent bead.

  • Dimensions - 6.5"-7" (See Below for Sizing)
  • Jewellery Type - Bracelet
  • Main Stone Type - Pyrite
  • Material - Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones
  • Brand - Djuna
  • Metal Type - Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Type - Stretch
  • Bead Size - 4mm


The Pyrite healing stone keeps you emotionally shielded. It ensures that decisions you make come from a place of logic. Pyrite is in fact, the perfect business aid as it also weaves perseverance and practicality into the mix. On the physical side, Pyrite also helps you breathe a little easier and has been known for helping lung difficulties and reducing fever.

Referred to as fool's gold because it is often mistaken by miners as gold. Pyrite actually has a lighter look and back in the days of the Inca’s was often celebrated for its ability to channel the desires of divination. Pyrite is pure gold for the body, mind and soul. It is rich in nourishing energies that can flow through the cells, bringing with it all the purifying powers of the universe.


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