Crystal Thumb Stones

Thumb Stones to Ease Anxiety

Worry stones, or thumb stones as they are also known, are a great tool to stop yourself fidgeting. For some, fidgeting may affect how others see you if you're constantly tapping away on something or biting your nails. When you are feeling restless, a thumb stone can reduce anxiety and ease any worries. Turning the stone in your hand or gently rubbing the thumbprint can be instantly calming.  

Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance. There are many known for their therapeutic properties. Some will energise, and some will calm you. Crystals have powerful healing properties, such as Lapis Lazuli which is excellent for dealing with headaches. Moonstone and Citrine can relieve stomach pain. Amazonite and Howlite are incredibly calming.

With so many crystals to choose from, it can be challenging to know which is the right one for you. If you want to choose a crystal for a specific purpose, you can look up the meaning of the crystal. You might want to select the crystal associated with your birth sign. You can also pick out a crystal at random. Allow yourself to be drawn to a crystal. The crystal that speaks to you will be the right one. If that crystal makes you tingle with excitement, it's for you.

The crystal you select needs to be dedicated to the purpose you use it for, with cleaning and programming. You can cleanse by washing it in water or with a smudge stick. Once cleansed, you will need to program it to focus on whatever your intention is.   Hold the crystal in your hand, picture light surrounding it, and speak out loud your intention. For instance, it might be simple, such as "I program this crystal for peace and calmness"  Keep it in your pocket to hold it several times, repeating the same intention as you hold it. Or hold it when you feel the need to fidget.