Top 5 Crystals for Positive Energy

Top 5 Crystals to promote positivity and happiness

Nowadays, the chaos and demands of modern life make many people think that happiness is an impossible pursuit. While you do not expect life to be a series of joyful moments, you can seek things that give you positive energy. Many people long for gentle waves of joy and a spark of positivity to light up their lives. Apart from meditation and yoga, you can use crystals to tap into your inner joy.

Crystals contain minerals that carry energy properties and vibrations from the earth. Hence, they can work in tune with your body to promote balance, compassion and love. You can place the crystals around your home, office or use them as jewellery to channel their subtle healing properties and enhance creativity and happiness.

If you want to boost positive energy and promote happiness, here are five crystals to store in your collection:

5 Best crystals to promote prosperity and happiness


Amazonite is a potassium feldspar from the mineral class of Microcline. Amazonite derives its name from the cool colouring that provides a soothing effect and embodies numerous healing properties. The vitreous lustre comes in various shades, ranging from green to blue and purple to soothe anxiety and provide clarity. Due to its ability to elevate people's moods, the Hope Stone is a talisman of truth. In the past, the Amazonite stone was for lining shields for Amazonian warrior princesses.

Grandiose historical connection aside, Amazonite can boost your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. It has deep-set connections to your heart chakra, which streams with light and love. The crystal will open your heart and allow you to trust and let in the kindness. Apart from healing your heart, placing the stone around your home or office helps you weave together fragmented thoughts and soothe anxiety or self-destructive thoughts. When you break patterns of self-sabotage, you can improve your self-worth and happiness.


Dalmatian Jasper or nurturing stone is a beautiful crystal with black tourmaline. It is famous for its ability to bring out your inner child and guide you to a path of self-love and fulfilment. The black tourmaline on the surface has grounding properties, aids in blocking negative energy and transmutes electromagnetic frequency.

The grounding stone works on your root and earth chakra at the base of your spine, responsible for promoting self-love and security. It maintains balance in your root chakra, boosting your spiritual energy and fostering self-love and confidence. On the other hand, the earth chakra connects you to the earth's vibrations. It allows your body to balance positive and negative feelings by releasing and drawing energy from the ground. You can use the Dalmatian Jasper during meditation to help you embrace the dualities of life and draw in light and positivity.


Sunstone possesses the energy and radiance of the sun and solar rays, which restores the enjoyment of life and a sense of abundance. Since it reflects the qualities of light, it portrays strength, warmth and mental clarity, making it a joyful stone.

The Sunstone cleanses your chakras and auras and removes negative energy that is draining your mood. It also surrounds you with love and positive energy while melting away the sense of unworthiness and discrimination.

Apart from cleansing your chakras, the Sunstone emanates positive energies that encourage optimism and rebalance your emotional patterns. Hence, it can transform negativity and anger into joy and positive energy.


Sometimes love, and sweet thoughts are all you need to feed your happiness, and the dazzling pink Rose Quartz can help you achieve that. If you have a difficult time trusting people and letting love in, turn to Rose Quartz crystals. Their healing properties free you from the web of self-loathing and bring inner calm and a state of compassion.

Rose Quartz is a translucent pale-pink sparkling crystal with a hexagonal shape. This feminine crystal signifies love and compassion, and it tends to snag everyone's heartstrings. Its strong attachment to the heart and throat chakra helps in developing deeper bonds and promoting communication. Its ability to connect all kinds of love can nurture self-care and align your heart with compassion. Healing emotional wounds can boost happiness and brings an aura of peace and compassion. Besides, the pink crystal can shake off negative emotions and give you positive energy.


Are you looking for a burst of mental and physical energy? The golden yellow crystal with a lemon zest brings out the positive vibes of summer and can elevate your mood. While using the crystal amps your energy, it doesn't push you into overdrive. Instead, it induces a state of balance with its exceptional healing properties.

Citrine is an ancient crystal from quartz's mineral class; hence the bright shades of amber are from traces of iron. In its natural form, Citrine has a hexagonal shape with a cloudy and smoky look. In the past, the golden gleam of Citrine made it a popular decorative gem for making beautiful jewellery. Aside from its glowing beauty, Citrine can bring a splash of energy and warmth into your life. Just like enjoying a gentle glow of sunlight, Citrine warms up your body and uplifts your mood. It is an instant pick-me-up that induces energy and eliminates sluggish vibes.

Apart from bringing a bright sunny mood, the vibrations in the crystal help you release negativity, anger and destructive tendencies. Citrine is also connected to Solar Chakra, which allows you to stay grounded and strengthen your inner warrior. When your Solar Chakra is blocked, it is easy to feel detached and lose control. However, Citrine brings your inner strength to the surface and helps you ward off negative energy.

So, there it is...

Precious crystals have been helpful for emotional, spiritual and physical healing for a long time. Nowadays, they complement conventional medicine to provide a holistic healing approach. The vibrations from the crystals connect with your body, evoking positive emotions that bring happiness to your life. Whether you use them as jewellery or as decorative pieces in your home or office, they will elevate your mood.


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