Carnelian Meaning, Benefits and Healing Properties

Carnelian Meaning, Benefits and Healing Properties

Bring your creative daydreams into reality with the red hot vibrant energy that is Carnelian! This popular gemstone is a stunning fire colour mineral ever faithful in encouraging you to try your hardest and do your utmost best. Carnelian is often used in jewellery making. It is one of the oldest gemstones to be shaped and polished as bracelets, necklaces and talismans, prized by everyone throughout history from the Ancient Egyptians to modern-day people looking to benefit from the energising healing properties.

Carnelian colour variation in gemstones

Carnelian Meaning

So, what is the meaning of Carnelian? Ancient believers often believed that the Carnelian stone could help nervous or timid speakers become far more eloquent and bolder and help warriors conquer their enemies when worn around the neck for courage and physical power.

Carnelian also has several names, all of which outline its significant value. Some of the more common names are Sardonyx, Cairnelian, Carnelian Agate, and Cornelian. Ancient Egyptians also referred to it as the ‘Sunset Stone’. This is because they believed that it caught and reflected the sun's heat and channelled it directly into the wearer.

It is also used for wealth and wisdom. Carnelian is well renowned for being an excellent stone for self-esteem. It helps the person wearing it develop a healthy self-image and maintain it over time. Carnelian can also help one become more sociable and outgoing as it ignites the fire within you!

The stone itself is very easy to get along with due to its warm and friendly energy. If healing is at the top of your list, Carnelian is known to be very powerful for this. It has been attributed to helping the body restore itself to achieve a more balanced state.

It has often been used to get rid of negative energies and protect you against psychic attacks. Ailments of the skin, liver, blood, lungs, and spleen are also able to be healed with Carnelian. Although Carnelian is often used for its grounding properties, it can sometimes have a reverse effect on people. It can make you feel as if you are out of touch with reality. While this is rare, it is essential to know.

Benefits of Carnelian

Carnelian is very well known for both its physical and spiritual healing properties. It has been used by people all over the world for millions of years to promote physical and emotional healing. It is a very powerful stone and promotes health and vitality, healing of the heart chakra, helps with sleep issues, and even promotes fertility! It's a popular stone recognised for it's immune boosting power.  So it's a good stone to keep close to you if you feeling low with the flu or recovering from illness or surgery. 

This beautiful gemstone stimulates and energizes actions which is why it is such an excellent crystal. It can help the wearer obtain a clearer sense of self-awareness and enhance the flow of spiritual energy. Users will find it very easy to achieve their important goals with this stone by their side.

Carnelian can also improve blood circulation and is beneficial for all types of physical health.

Carnelian Healing Properties

As a healing stone, Carnelian is extremely powerful. It has a very high iron content which is why it is so red. Some of the healing properties of Carnelian are below:

  • Healing of the heart chakra: Carnelian purifies blood, the lungs, liver, and heart
  • Health and vitality: Carnelian enhances the flow of life force in the body to encourage wellbeing
  • Combat’s fatigue: Carnelian helps release stress and heals the body and mind
  • Strengthens the immune system: Carnelian is excellent for treating infections and diseases of the blood
  • Promotes fertility: Carnelian helps to strengthen the reproductive systems and helps women conceive
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels: Carnelian is excellent for protecting against infections and toxins in the blood
  • Lowers blood pressure: Carnelian balances blood pressure and cleanses the blood and circulatory system

Emotional Benefits

Carnelian is the best crystal possible to have with you when dealing with self-esteem. This stone is excellent for a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It can also be used if you are very emotional or impulsive by nature.

It can help release negative emotions while providing an excellent outlook on life. This is achieved by clearing out emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, and resentment that are negative. This stone can be used to cleanse the emotional body and the energy field of a person. People will often use it to improve motivation and creativity.

Metaphysical Properties

When you hold this precious stone in your hand or rest it on your heart, navel, or sacral chakra, it can transfer positive energies into you that circulate within your aura. Carnelian is excellent as it brings energy and revitalizes the soul if you find yourself running colder, either spiritually or emotionally.

When you use this stone regularly, you can enter new and exciting phases of your life. Carnelian can remind us of beautiful warm days or winter fires. This stone is all about warmth and can warm the spirit to help us feel at home.

The Zodiac: Carnelian Meaning

When it comes to the meaning of Carnelian and the zodiac signs, there is plenty of confusion as to which months this gemstone is actually connected to. Often, it is associated with the end of summer or the beautiful beginning of Autumn as the season of harvest comes into play. For this reason, Carnelian is associated with the birthstone of Virgo.

Carnelian Jewellery

There are many benefits to look forward to when you wear Carnelian gemstones. These benefits include clearer skin, increased energy, improved vision, more energy, enhanced sleep, better memory, and a more robust immune system. These gemstones are highly popular for their sheer elegance and beauty.

They are not only extremely beautiful, but they are also very hard-wearing and last for centuries if you properly care for them. There are many different ways that you can polish and shape Carnelians. However, some people prefer a more subdued look and look for Carnelians that don’t have an obvious cut or are small round beads.

When you wear Carnelian jewellery, you can have the ability to enhance your personality through confidence, passion, and courage. The unique and elegant combination of colours and health benefits will ensure that you can improve the character of your spirit and heart. After all, your beautiful heart is a reflection of your inner being.

That is why you need to exercise the utmost care when you ask your heart what you should be wearing. This specific gemstone is a fantastic way to let your inner beauty shine. Not only do you gain access to all of the healing advantages, but you get a beautiful piece of jewellery to show off.

Colours and Properties

Orange Carnelian has always been known as a stone of friendship, happiness, family unity, and enjoyment. It is a joyful and sharing stone that brings people and things together to combine aspects of our common lives. It is also a stone of physical pleasure and sensuality.
Orange Carnelian especially fosters affection and camaraderie when in a lighter shade. However, when in a darker shade, it fosters intensity, home, and a sense of belonging. Carnelian is most often associated with fire energy and colour.

The stone will give a confident sense of self-assurance when it comes to red Carnelian. It is rich in colour and is the colour of passion, life, and energy. It never fails to inspire with its vibrant colour reminiscent of blood and fire. The deep, dark red stones embody profound sentiments, calm desire, and long-lasting vitality.

The Bottom Line

Carnelian is excellent for many things. There is very little to which this versatile crystal cannot be applied. Money concerns, heart matters, and even bloodstream health can stem from the depths of this exquisite and powerful crystal.

This beautiful stone can turn bad energy into good energy. Once these stones are in your possession, you will feel far lighter and less worn down by negative emotions and thoughts. It is perfect for both your body and soul and your professional relationships.

You will better understand nature, warmth, and socializing. You will notice Carnelian enhancing your memory, and you’ll also enjoy a strong sense of confidence and individuality. If there is ever a time when you feel like giving up on anything, or you feel like you’re not the right person for what is being asked of you, remember Carnelian. The stone of ambition, inspiration, courage, and power.

We thought we'd share this amazing video with you about the magic of Carnelian. It's definitely worth a look!

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