Aries Birthstones - A Complete Guide

March 22nd to April 21st
"The Ram"
Brave, Independent, Assertive
Impulsive, Hates Restriction

There are many different types of Jasper bringing unique qualities to each one. In general, jaspers all share the one main property of connecting the wearer with Earth energy which will have a grounding and stabilising effect. RED JASPER is the primary birthstone for Aries. This powerful stone is suitable for Aries because it helps them think before they act, which they often struggle with. It encourages careful and considerate thought helping Aries to foresee the consequences of their actions. 
Example of Bloodstone GemstoneWe associate bloodstone with Aries since it is associated with the element of fire and it's influences come from Mars. It has the power to revitalise and rejuvenate the body assisting in connecting with the present moment. BLOODSTONE is the perfect grounding stone for the intensity of Aries. Rather than be swept away by their fiery energy, they can remain calm and focused. Bloodstone instills courage and self-confidence to be true to one's heart. 
Blue late agate healing stone for AriesBLUE LACE AGATE pairs beautifully with Carnelian not only in looks but for bringing health and energy. It is excellent for calming anger and encouraging calm self-expression. Blue Lace Agate is also said to soothe pain, especially the pain of a headache, a common Aries malady. Blue lace agate helps to bring calming energies to the impulsive and sometimes hot tempered Aries.
Blue hematite crystals recommended for AriesAries is fiery, courageous and bold and so BLUE HEMATITE is good for this star sign as it is believed to deflect and dissolve any negative energies. It also improves self control and helps to keep an Aries grounded. It is certainly also good for keeping Aries level headed and will help to focus concentration.
Amethyst stone recommended for the star sign of AriesAMETHYST will help channel all the energy and ambition of an Aries in a more positive way. Amethyst is a natural fit for this fiery sign since it dispels anger and brings mental peace. This will help Aries to bring thought before action especially when it comes to putting others others first.  This is something they often forget to do!
Carnelian healing stones for zodiac sign of AriesCARNELIAN is a fire stone full of passion, creativity and vibrancy. It helps to manifest dreams and desires and so it's the perfect fit for an Arian. Of course, Aries as fiery energy in abundance but Carnelian can help at a time when an Aries may be feeling defeated. This stone is good when balanced with a stone such as Aquamarine.

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