Birth Flowers - Discover Which Flower Represents Your Birthday

Birth flowers are a beautiful way to discover more about yourself! Each flower has its own distinct scent and colour, and with each one comes a unique personality.

So, if you've ever wanted to know what flowers were associated with your birth month, this post is for you! This list is an 'at a glance' list of each birth flower, so you can quickly find yours and get to learning!

January Birth Flower - Snowdrop

The January Birth Flower, Snowdrop, is associated with purity and new beginnings. The delicate white flowers are a symbol of purity, innocence, and hope for the future. The snowdrop is also said to represent hope, renewal, and rebirth.

This beautiful flower is known for its white petals and yellow centre. White petals represent purity—something that's free from stain or blemish—and its yellow centre represents life itself—something that's full of colour and energy. Its name comes from the fact that it blooms so early in the year, though you might not see it if you're looking for a flower in a field of snow—the snowdrop will be hidden under the snow!

February birth flower - Iris

The Iris flower is symbolic of the month of February. The iris also symbolises humility, sincerity, purity and loyalty.

Iris is a genus of over 300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It is one of the earliest cultivated flowers, having been cultivated since before recorded history. The word "iris" comes from the Greek word for rainbow, which was named after the many different shades of colour in their flowers.

The iris flower is a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness and sincerity because it blooms in all seasons and is always beautiful. It has been used as a symbol in many cultures throughout history including Egypt, Greece, Rome and China where it was used as an emblem by emperors who wore robes made from its petals to show their power over nature.

March birth flower - daffodil

Daffodils are a joyful flower and a symbol of hope and renewal. They represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and new life.

Daffodil flowers are usually yellow with a trumpet-shaped bloom. They grow from bulbs that can be planted in the fall or the spring to produce blooms that appear in late winter or early spring.

Daffodils are native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. They have been cultivated for over five thousand years and were first used as an herbal medicine by the ancient Egyptians.

The daffodil is also known as Narcissus, which comes from the Greek word narcissus meaning "numbness" or "morbid passion." The name stems from Greek mythology where Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection while looking at it in a pool of water. He died of grief when he realized what had happened and was transformed into the flower we now associate with him today.
 April birth flower - sweet pea

This Sweet Pea flower is perfect for every joyful occasion. It's associated with love and happiness, so it's sure to bring joy to the recipient. The perfect gift for your sister, mother, or best friend!

The sweet pea flower is the cutest little plant in the garden! The tiny flowers are soft and have a beautiful purple colour, which makes them perfect for decorating your home with. They're also great for making bouquets with—they smell amazing and last for a long time.


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