Lepidolite Meaning, Benefits and Healing Properties

One of the most powerful crystals you’ll come across is Lepidolite. First discovered in the 1800’s, it was originally named Lilalite, due to its luminous lilac colour. It was renamed Lepidolite after the Greek word “lepidos” meaning scale, because of its sharp edges and rough appearance. 

Those sharp edges are angled fragments (also known as cleavages) of mica, which reflect light, giving the stone its amazing brilliance. Quartz also courses through most Lepidolite, making it durable. The stone contains manganese, too, which produces its dazzling shades of purple, mauve, light lavender, and pink. Some specimens have been found that are colourless or yellow-gold, but they are rare. Lepidolite is found worldwide, including Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States. 

The beauty of Lepidolite crystals and gemstones

Balancing Power of Lithium

One of the unique features of Lepidolite is that it contains large amounts of lithium, more than any other mineral on earth. Interestingly, the name lithium also originated in Greece. It derives from the Greek word “lithos,” which means stone or rock. 

Lithium is a precious commodity. Lithium-ion batteries power several electronic products, including cellphones, laptops, electric wheelchairs, and electric cars. Lepidolite was an essential source of lithium, until the late 1900’s, when other deposits were discovered that were less expensive to access. Today, most lithium comes from ore mining, underground saltwater deposits, and sedimentary rocks.

Lithium’s presence in Lepidolite is extremely significant, since it has a powerful effect on the balance of the mind. In fact, lithium is found in many anti-anxiety medications and is one of the most widely-used and studied treatments for bipolar disorder. It has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of manic episodes and may also help relieve or prevent depression. Studies have found that lithium can reduce suicide risk among some bipolar patients. It acts on the central nervous system, activating neurotransmitters that stabilize moods and behaviour. So, you can imagine the powerful and calming influence it might have when you are feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

And it’s natural to feel those emotions. Sometimes, life throws challenges and curve balls your way that threaten your emotional balance. This can make you feel untethered like you have no control. Lepidolite’s ultra-calming frequencies remove the panic you might be feeling in such situations. Once your tranquillity has been restored, which can be accelerated by Lepidolite, you will be able to think more clearly and make better decisions. 

In Touch with Your Higher Self

Lepidolite can activate and align the entire chakra column. It helps clear blockages associated with the heart, third eye, and crown chakra. It helps bring these powerful energy sources into balance, allowing you to connect your inner wisdom, intuition, and capacity for love. 

The crown chakra is considered our link to the divine, cosmic energy. Tuning into this helps us avoid emotional swings. It enables us to focus on what is important and lasting instead of what is fleeting. Instead of worrying about the past or fretting about the future, Lepidolite radiates the here and now, like a deep meditation practice. This will help you handle life’s challenges and reduce any stress or anxiety you might occasionally feel.

Lepidolite also connects you with your higher self and the inner knowledge you have about what is best for you. This will enable you to express yourself more powerfully and say no to things and people that are not good for you. This often leads to shedding negative relationships, dependencies, and addictions, changing harmful behaviours, and making the right choices for your health and happiness. 

In addition to its emotional benefits, Lepidolite has many physical benefits. It helps with hormonal imbalances and can minimize symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause; it is believed to mitigate the pain of sciatica and neuralgia; and there are some indications that it can help reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Simple Joy

In addition to its spectacular mood-stabilizing and anxiety-reducing properties, Lepidolite is believed to produce healthy chemicals in the body, leading to feelings of joy, acceptance, and pleasure. Some people refer to it as the “feel good” stone. It helps you find your place in the world, reduces any feelings you might have of being disconnected from other people or your surroundings, and makes you feel a more profound sense of belonging. This kind of positivity and acceptance can work miracles in your life. 

Keep it Close to You

Just looking at this beautiful stone can help you feel better. Many people recommend carrying one with you all the time, in your pocket or purse, to hold it whenever a situation arises that upsets you or makes you anxious. It can even be helpful if you’re already in the midst of an argument to diffuse the tension and soothe the situation. 

The stone is radiant when used in jewellery or clothing accessories and is often seen in rings, bracelets, and belts. Wearing headpieces, chokers, and necklaces that include Lepidolite pieces is thought to be especially potent since they’re close to the stone’s associated chakras.

Since it is also beneficial to meditation practice, it is good to place Lepidolite on any altars or shrines you have set up or somewhere in the room in which you practice. Placing Lepidolite stones in various spots throughout your home can remind you to stay calm and focused. Some people have large art pieces and sculptures made out of Lepidolite and say they can feel its calming effects whenever they enter the room in which the pieces sit. 

Some believe the stone can be incredibly calming for newborns and young children and recommend that parents put it wherever their children sleep. But it’s not just for children. Its tranquil energy and ability to put your mind at ease can help adults, too. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, hold the stone and breathe slowly and deeply, taking in its positive vibrations, connecting with the cosmic energy it contains, and releasing any negativity or tension that you’re feeling. Doing this before turning in and keeping a piece by your bed all night can help produce deeper sleep.

Crystal Combinations

If you’re curious which other crystals combine best with Lepidolite, it depends on your end goal. Suppose you’re trying to access Lepidolite’s ties with the cosmos and your own higher consciousness. In that case, you should consider pairing it with Amethyst since that stone is also closely associated with the crown chakra. 

Lepidolite works well with Tourmaline, Hematite, or Obsidian. Also, the calm produced by Lepidolite can be amplified if it is paired with Blue Lace Agate, Tree Agate, or Sodalite. If you’re looking for a way to stimulate greater love and compassion for others or yourself, consider getting both Lepidolite and Rose Quartz. Blue Lace Agate can increase Lepidolite’s ability to help you sleep. If you want to remove negative energy so Lepidolite can produce its positive effects more easily, dark stones like Onyx and Apache Tears are good choices. 

Special Connection for Librans

Lepidolite has special significance for those born under the sign of Libra. Librans are all about harmony and balance, which goes hand-in-hand with the energy found in Lepidolite. When presented with choices, Librans take time to weigh all the pros and cons. So much so that some consider them indecisive, but it can just take them a bit longer to reach a decision since their process is careful and meticulous. 

Lepidolite can assist at times like this, by letting Librans know it’s okay to move on, that sometimes they should trust their gut. It can also give them a sense of freedom, let them know that mistakes can happen in life, and encourage them to forgive themselves if they make one. By connecting Librans with their inner wisdom, Lepidolite can help them feel less confused and more confident, leading them to trust their decisions more. Lepidolite can also help Librans tap into their personal power and stand up for themselves. 

Many Benefits from Lepidolite

Lepidolite may be a naturally occurring and gorgeous stone, but the more we learn about it, the more it seems like a wonder drug. It helps battle anxiety, depression, stress, bad relationships, and insomnia. It helps get you in touch with your deepest self, pointing the way to better decisions and making you feel joyous and content. It helps keep you physically and emotionally balanced. We encourage you to try it.

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