Raw Crystals vs Polished - What's the Difference?

For thousands of years, people have been drawn to crystals for their beauty and special properties. They are unique because of their orderly molecular structure that gives them a specific look defined by symmetry, elegance, and artistry.

Both polished and raw crystals draw attention, which is why they are so prevalent in jewellery. From crystal bracelets to gemstone-adorned tiaras, jewellery pieces featuring raw or polished crystals are treasured by fashionistas and collectors alike.

The difference between raw and polished crystals for use in jewellery

Crystals are powerful and can be used in so many ways:
  • In technology, quartz crystals are used in electronic circuits, watches, radios, and more.

  • In health spas and natural healing circles, many types of crystals and gemstones are used to amplify or focus healing energy.

  • Mystics gaze at crystals to better focus on the answers that lie within.

  • Artists and other creatives draw inspiration from them.

  • Students and writers often keep a crystal nearby for help with mental clarity.

  • People wear crystal jewellery for protection, to feel more confident, to reflect an aspect of their personality, or simply because they want to wear something beautiful and unique.

You can use crystals in your own life to help you feel more empowered, balanced, and beautiful.


Both have desirable properties, and there may be very good reasons you’re drawn to one type more than another.

Differences Between Polished And Raw Crystals

When you see a beautiful crystalline stone with a rough finish, uneven edges, and multiple points, you’re looking at a raw crystal. These natural, rough stones come in beautiful shapes and colours, with many being translucent. They may have one or more flat surfaces, but for the most part, they look like pieces of exotic rocks chipped off a cliff or found near a river.

If you are drawn to raw crystals, you may be someone who loves nature and being outdoors. You have the ability to see the diamond in the rough in every person, and while you feel compassion and empathy for others, you know how to create boundaries for your own protection. A seeker of the truth, you know how to stay grounded even when things unravel around you.
What type of crystal should you wear - raw or highly polished?

Polished crystals have a glossy, rounded appearance. They are shiny and lustrous, and when you touch them, you’ll notice that they’re very smooth. As you might expect, these polished gemstones start off as raw crystals but are transformed via one of several possible techniques. Crystals can be polished by tumbling or sanding, among other processes humans have developed and perfected.

If you feel drawn to polished crystals, you have an eye for beauty and artistry. You like the finer things in life, and you enjoy presenting the best version of yourself to the world. You don’t mind taking on big projects or waiting for the right person to start a relationship with, because you understand that worthwhile things in life take time.

Highly Polished Crystals

Many gemstones used in jewellery are highly polished crystals that have been worked and smoothed to a beautiful shine. These crystals are first carefully cut to show off their best angles and highlight top features, including layers, speckles, and rich colours.

While the tumbling method yields smooth gemstones in rounded shapes, highly polished crystals go through a more elaborate, multi-stage process that involves skilled crystal workers using a variety of tools and technology to create the perfectly shaped gemstone with an ultra-glossy shine.

In other words, achieving highly polished crystals is both an art and a science. Talented gem workers know how to bring out the best features when fashioning highly polished crystals.


Some people believe that raw crystals are more powerful because they possess raw energy and have been touched by fewer human hands.

Others believe that there is nothing you can do to take away a crystal’s power. Even if you cut it into smaller pieces or smooth its surface, you cannot reduce its true essence.

If you want to wear a piece of crystal jewellery, such as an exquisite crystal bracelet, as not only a fashion piece but also to protect yourself from others’ negative energy or to help you feel empowered in a wide range of situations, both polished and raw crystals can serve these purposes.

Certain crystals are traditionally known as powerful gemstones, including these:

  • MOLDAVITE: This earthy-green crystal is associated with intensity and is thought to clear blocked energy and facilitate transformative changes.

  • ASTROPHYLLITE: Gazing into this crystal is like peering into the depths of the universe itself. This is a powerful crystal for building deep relationships and healing emotional hurts.

  • TIBETAN QUARTZ: The light and shadow aspects of this translucent crystal illuminate your own spiritual truths while strengthening your awareness of the beauty that surrounds you.

  • ROSE QUARTZ: Sensitivity can be very powerful, and this beautiful pink crystal reminds you of the strength found in in your own heart.

  • JASPER QUARTZ: Presenting itself in reds and a variety of other hues, this is a wonderful crystal to have when you need extra nurturing and support.

  • CITRINE: Like little droplets of crystal sunshine, citrine lifts your spirits and protects your health. It is associated with attracting abundance into your life.

  • LAPIS LAZULI: This ethereal blue crystal can help you find your voice and speak your truth, bringing your confidence to higher levels.
What Gemstones Say About You

If you’re interested in polished or raw crystals as a way to share with the world something about you, consider crystal jewellery that showcases that extra-special side of you that you wish to reveal.

Whether through crystal bracelets, necklaces, rings, or other jewellery items, here’s what wearing certain gemstones says about you:
  • OPALITE: You are aware of subtle energies and perceptive of what goes on around you. Calm and resourceful, you know how to get things done.

  • AGATE: You are not afraid to travel lesser-known paths to make new discoveries and gain deep insights. Your inner strength and ability to see what others miss help you experience the world in a unique way.

  • AMAZONITE: Brave and strong, you have enough courage for yourself and your loved ones. Wherever you go, you find ways to stand for justice and boost others’ spirits.

  • SUNSTONE: You’re a happy person who loves life and relishes good company. Your sunny disposition cheers those around you.

  • AMETHYST: Emotionally deep, highly intelligent, and a little mysterious, you create your own rules and break them when you need to.

  • CHRYSOCOLLA: You are an empowered person who makes bold choices and stands by them. You also stand by your loved ones and support them fiercely.
Whether raw or polished, crystals have a way of bringing out your strengths and bringing you a greater sense of confidence. They help balance emotions for a clearer understanding of situations and the ability to use your intuition to navigate whatever life may present.

Protective & Healing Properties

From ancient mystics to contemporary natural healers, people across the centuries have been relying on raw crystals for protection and improved health.

Some prefer polished crystals because of how they feel when held. Others prefer raw crystals because they’re closer in structure to their source.

Regardless of whether polished or raw crystals are incorporated into jewellery pieces or added to the home environment, the tradition of crystal healing lives on through gemstones such as these:

  • GREEN JADE: For greater harmony, a stronger heart, and faster recovery from injuries.

  • BLACK ONYX: Provides emotional protection and promotes healing from past wounds.

  • CARNELIAN: Grounds you while reducing inflammation and improving your mood.

  • MOONSTONE: Protects your digestive system and balances hormones.

  • TIGER'S EYE: Promotes clarity of thought and removes self-doubt.

  • CHERRY QUARTZ: Wear this to restore your energy and protect against cold symptoms.

  • MORGNAITE: Helps you break free from the past and move forward with purpose.
Wearing a crystal bracelet is a good way to keep your intentions close to you and help you overcome any hurdles that may be holding you back from living to the fullest. The right combination of crystals on hand can help you dream boldly and reach your potential.

Which Are You Drawn To?

Now that you’ve learned more about polished and raw crystals, as well as the empowering and healing properties associated with certain gemstones, you may be asking yourself a very important question: Which should I buy?

The best crystal for you is the one you feel drawn to the most. Let your intuition serve as your guide to the gemstone that’s right for you.

If you like the rugged look of raw crystals, and you want to feel a stronger connection to nature and our planet, this might be the right choice for you. Beautiful jewellery pieces can be fashioned to express yourself through the natural beauty of raw crystals.

If you prefer the appearance of polished crystals, find jewellery pieces that match your personality and awaken your senses. Crystal jewellery made from highly polished gemstones can bring you the confidence to be yourself, wherever you go.

Truly, there is no right or wrong when it comes to crystal jewellery. Both raw and polished crystals can have powerful healing properties while looking gorgeous, so go ahead and choose whatever excites you and reaches your heart. It’s all about personal preference, and the crystal that makes you feel your best is always the best choice.

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