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The Difference Between Handmade Jewellery and Manufactured

When buying jewellery for you or someone you love, you hope your recipient will treasure it for years to come. However, it can sometimes be hard to determine whether you should buy handmade or manufactured jewellery. Well, if you’re looking to invest in a beautiful piece for a special occasion, as a beloved keepsake, or a simple yet elegant gift, you need to consider how the jewellery is made.

Can You Tell the Difference?

So, can you tell the difference between handmade and manufactured jewellery? Yes, of course! When jewellery is handmade, there is no other piece in the world entirely identical.

While there may be pieces of the same design in the collection, no two will ever be identical because they are handmade. For example, it is rare to find an exact matching set of handmade earrings. If the piece has been hammered or textured, there are likely to be slight variations present.
On the other hand, manufactured jewellery can routinely produce uniform jewellery designs that are likely to be almost identical or have variations that are impossible to see. Casting machines can process uniform moulds with components such as plastics, metals, and resins. It can also be done at high speeds.

In addition to this, unless the jewellery made is part of a limited-edition collection or is a unique piece, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of the same piece available to the market.

Is It Better Quality?

When it comes to quality, is handmade better? In most cases, the answer to this is likely to be yes. The quality and craftsmanship of handcrafted jewellery can be unparalleled.

Aside from durability, one of the biggest differentiators between handmade and manufactured jewellery is the quality of the materials. A person who truly takes pride in their work will always use the best materials possible. A handmade jeweller is likely to seek out professional qualifications as well.

Artisans take genuine care with their jewellery and where their materials are sourced. This is because materials are at the core of their work. Jewellers see their work as art, and they want to ensure that they are sending the product out in the best form possible.

Most handmade jewellers have a genuine and in-depth interest in jewellery and won’t settle for second best. They will always strive to go the extra mile to find the best quality materials. With handmade jewellery, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or your skin turning green because of the better quality materials.

Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewellery

There are many reasons as to why you should buy handmade jewellery as opposed to manufactured jewellery. Read about some of the most popular reasons below -

Detail and Designs

Handmade jewellers have a considerable advantage that jewellery manufacturers do not have. They can have complete control of their design and technique. There are constantly new techniques and styles of jewellery hitting the market. However, a mass manufacturer doesn’t have the creative freedom or facilities to experiment when new trends arise.
This means that they typically focus on designs that can be made in large quantities at a fast rate. This limits their capabilities significantly.

Not all of the styles can be mass-produced. Handmade jewellers can seek ways to differentiate themselves and be unique. For example, wire wrapped jewellery is an excellent example of a style that can only be achieved by hand.


When handmade jewellery is made, there are so many different processes that can make the jewellery unique. Different textures, patterns, and colours will be present, from wrapping the wire to hammering the materials. When a big brand releases its jewellery, every piece is consistent when customers receive them.


This means that no piece is unique unless it is specifically made for you or a one-off release. This is because of the vast markets around the world. However, handmade jewellery designers focus on their surrounding areas most of the time. Everything is made entirely by hand, and most pieces are a result of special moments or experimentation or inspiration. 

Support small business and buy handmade jewellery rather than manufactured

Support Small

Even if the product you have purchased has not been made locally, it is important to recognize that handmade jewellery is far closer to home than manufactured jewellery. Handmade jewellery is often made by a small business that has centred its business around individuality.
Supporting that mindset supports small businesses everywhere! While it may seem entirely obvious, the importance of shopping small to support small businesses cannot be understated. Recently, the ‘shop local’ and ‘shop small’ trends have increased drastically.

This has changed the lives of small business owners everywhere. Consumers need to remember that buying local products can go a long way towards entrepreneurial scenes and the local economy. Small businesses cannot keep up with the large manufacturers, so your support means everything to them.


Manufactured jewellery can be costly. However, handmade jewellery can be specifically made for you in a cost-friendly way. Most often, handmade jewellery can cater to your budget to ensure that you can get the ring of your dreams without the huge price tag.

The Bottom Line

Jewellery is a very personal and unique thing. That is why you should always opt for handmade over manufactured. A handcrafted piece can make all the difference, and it will feel far more precious on your skin than something mass-produced. When it comes to handmade jewellery vs mass-produced, handmade wins every single time.


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