How to cleanse crystals

Crystals have a lot of power. They can help you with everything from healing to manifesting your goals, but they need a little TLC to stay in tip-top shape.

Many people use the words "charging" and "cleansing" interchangeably, but they're not the same thing. Charging a crystal is simply adding more energy to it - in other words, it's energizing the crystal. Cleansing a crystal is clearing out all of its previous energies and replacing them with new ones.

Crystals are like batteries. They vibrate at a certain frequency, and they emit a specific energy. When you use a crystal, it will discharge its positive energy into your body. That’s why some people feel a tingling or strange feeling in their palm or hand after touching crystals.

After some time, crystals need to be re-energized to work again at full potential. The best and simplest way to energetically charge and cleanse a crystal at the same time is placing it in sunlight for half an hour (30 minutes of sun will not damage your crystals).

To cleanse your crystal the best way is to take it outside, place it in a bowl of salt water, and leave it out overnight. The salt water will absorb any negative energy from your crystal and replace it with positive energy.

You can also cleanse your crystal by burying it in the earth for 24 hours and then rinsing it in running water.

Discover what crystals are compatible and safe for putting in water

While Crystals have the ability to hold a lot of energy. It is important to be mindful that there are some crystals that cannot go in water as they are too sensitive or soft. The general rule is to check the Mohs hardness scale. Makes sure your crystals are 6 or higher and these will be water safe.

Be mindful of the types of crystal you cannot put in water - unsafe crystals

Also, avoid any crystals such as pyrite that contain iron or copper, as they will rust.

Crystal Maintenance

Keeping your crystals clean and charged is an important part of their health and longevity. In addition to protecting their physical condition, it also keeps them in the highest possible vibratory state they can be.

Cleanse and charge your crystals at least once a month. A good point of reference is to maintain this ritual every full moon.

If you have any questions about crystal maintenance or cleansing/charging rituals, don't hesitate to ask us! We'd love to help!