Best Crystals for Work and Study

Need help with studies? Organize your study space with crystals that help create an atmosphere of calm and focus. Your goals and path to achieving them will be crystal clear in no time! 

Crystals for Students studying for their exams - the best 5 crystals to use

Inner strength with good motivation and a can-do attitude is what you need to get you through those long study hours to achieve success. With exams looming, it's essential to remain calm so that you can think clearly. Or perhaps you're researching for a project and need help to focus and ensure you absorb ideas and retain information.  

Here are the four best crystals that pack a powerful punch for helping you to achieve that success - 

  • Sodalite is good for ideas and endurance
  • Fluorite improves concentration
  • Amethyst relieves stress and anxiety 
  • Quartz increases clarity and wisdom

Amethyst is what you need to ward off negative energies and keep you focused on your intentions. A powerful healing crystal used for centuries to help soothe the mind, body, and spirit and clear space for your thoughts to all fall into alignment. Place a tumbled stone under your pillow so that you will sleep better and ward off those nightmares.

amethyst crystals for students and helping them to study

Fluorite is simply the best at unblocking ALL your chakras so that energy can flow freely throughout your body, allowing you to reach a higher consciousness. Listen to what the universal mind is communicating and trust your instincts. Fluorite will ensure you do not become overwhelmed and help you keep calm and organize ideas. 

Fluorite crystal for helping to find focus and clarity


Sodalite will help you communicate all thoughts with clear focus and flow. The expression will flow freely. It's known as the Poets Stone and works with the throat chakra to encourage good, clear truthful communication.

sodalite crystal for helping with studing

Quartz will allow you to tap into those wells of wisdom you didn't know existed. Like amethyst, it wards off negative energy. Clear quartz amplifies the powers of other crystals, so partnered with amethyst is a powerful combination that will channel your thoughts most positively.

Quartz Crystal for helping with exams

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