The Best Crystals for Fertility & Pregnancy

What Are the Best Gemstones for Fertility?

Whether you’re pregnant already or trying to conceive, the right crystals for fertility can be a great support. The pregnancy journey is emotionally and physically draining, but also a beautiful experience.

Gemstones for fertility are nature’s way of supporting you through the process. They can promote wellbeing before and during the nine months of pregnancy.

Each fertility gemstone has a wealth of qualities to support your mental, physical and emotional health.

Read on to learn about the best 4 crystals and stones to support your specific needs.

Discover the best crystals to use for fertility and pregnancy...

Our 4 Top Beautiful Gemstones Symbolising Fertility


Rose quartz is thought to increase overall fertility. It’s a well-known healing crystal helping to fill the wearer with love and a sense of peace and calm. This makes it a great choice to wear during pregnancy, when emotions can run high.

Rose quartz encourages self-confidence and self-love, helping new mums find faith in themselves and the new world of motherhood. Due to the loving energy rose quartz provides, it may create a stronger bond with an unborn child. Rose quartz is one of the best gemstones symbolising fertility and love.

Rose Quartz crystal to help with fertility and pregnancy


Amethyst is a semi-precious violet stone that is often used for healing purposes and to make stunning jewellery. It’s thought to stimulate emotions, calm the mind and boost the immune system.

Amethyst is also thought to bring balance to the endocrine system and play an important role in the active production of hormones. When trying to conceive, amethyst is a powerful stone to help balance moods, boost hormone production and keep the immune system strong.

Did you know Amethyst is a powerful crystal used to help with fertility and pregnancy?


Unakite is a stunning green and pink stone often used to promote a healthy birthing process and enhance fertility. The pink symbolises caring and passion and the green abundance and nurturing. These colour mixes are said to represent the bond between mother and child.

In addition, unakite encourages a positive psyche, lifts spirits and promotes patience, all of which is helpful when trying to conceive. Said to enhance the sacral, heart and root chakra, unakite is a powerful gemstone for women to keep close, before and after having a baby.

Unakite crystals are often used to help with fertility... discover more on our blog


Fluorite is loved for its ability to turn negative energy into positive energy, promote peace of mind and increase mental sharpness. It’s thought to balance energy, boost the immune system and stimulate the regeneration of cells.

All these properties are extremely useful when trying to conceive and after having a baby. Fluorite comes in many colours which have additional attributes. If you’re trying to conceive, try green fluorite which helps to balance hormones and recharge all chakras.

Fluorite Crystal suggested to help pregnancy and fertility


Now you know the best gemstones to use for fertility. The next thing to learn is how to use them for the best effect. Here are a few techniques to try out:

Sleep with Fertility Gemstones

A good amount of sleep is needed when trying to conceive and after having a baby. Sleeping with fertility crystals in the bed, or nearby, supports the reproductive system and keeps the body energised. Place fertility gemstones on your nightstand or under your pillow to soak up the benefits.

Bathe in Fertility Gemstones

Baths are extremely relaxing and beneficial while pregnant. Place your crystals around the bath and visualise their energy flowing into your body. Next, visualise a healthy pregnancy and stress free birth.

Meditate with Gemstones for Fertility

As you meditate, keep your fertility crystals in your hand or nearby. If you’re trying to conceive, imagine the gemstone energy penetrating your reproductive system to create a pregnancy. While pregnant, picture the healing energy of the crystals supporting your baby’s growth.

Relax with Fertility Gemstones on Your Body

Lie down with strategically placed fertility gemstones on your body. The best strategy is to follow where your intuition tells you to place each crystal. If you feel stuck, some places to focus on to enhance fertility include the stomach, heart chakra, ovaries, feet, root chakra, third eye chakra and throat chakra.

Wear Jewellery with Fertility Crystals

Wearing jewellery with fertility crystals is a great way to support yourself before and after pregnancy. If you’re trying to conceive, fertility crystals offer many properties to support the process. Wear fertility bracelets or necklaces and you can even keep gemstones in your pockets.

Placing crystals around the home to enhance the powers of fertility


Crystals have been used for medicinal purposes for over 6,000 years. The Sumerian, Roman, Greek and Egyptian empires believed in the power of crystals and used them to heal and protect themselves.

Many believe health issues are caused by an imbalance in the energy centre (chakra). Different crystals relate to different energies and are used today to promote healing and balance.

The right crystal kept close to the body can help rectify energy imbalances and blockages. With fertility, certain crystals are said to help women struggling with fertility and reproductive health. While there is no science to back this up, many women swear that fertility bracelets have helped them conceive.

Some people say this is just the placebo effect. This basically means the person using the treatment believes it works so much, it actually does work, but not actually because of the treatment.

Just like anything in life, if you’re positive and at ease, it puts your body and mind in a healthier place, which is in turn a better place to conceive and look after a newborn baby.

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Fertility crystals will never replace professional medical treatment for effectiveness. But, they definitely enhance physical and emotional health, which in turn can boost fertility.

Think of them as a tool to support well-being and overcome energy blockages. The crystals mentioned above, are all useful to enhance fertility and the reproductive system. All you need to do is choose which gemstones are right for you.

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