Rose Quartz Meaning: Discover the Benefits and Healing Properties

Among its other revered qualities, Rose Quartz instils calmness, natural healing and wisdom. Did you know that the usage of this semi-precious stone dates back thousands of years? Ancient Egyptian and Roman societies respected the pink gem for its profound healing powers.

Please read on to learn more about the meaning of Rose Quartz. Below, we also explore its surprisingly numerous benefits and healing properties, including - 

How is Rose Quartz Formed?
What is the Difference Between Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz?
Rose Quartz Healing Properties
How to Use Rose Quartz
How to Cleanse and Activate Your Rose Quartz
The Zodiac: Rose Quartz Meaning
Rose Quartz Jewellery
Benefits and Uses of Rose Quartz

The healing benefits of rose quartz crystals


Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals available.  It is named after its colour, which ranges from pale pink to a deep rose pink. It is usually opaque, cloudy even, but may also be transparent. Like all varieties of Quartz, Rose Quartz is a universal healing stone and is versatile in its physical and metaphysical applications. Its vibration is nurturing, gentle, comforting, and reassuring.

There is evidence to suggest the use of this beautiful stone dates back to 7,000 BC. Egyptian and Roman women are known to have used the crystal in their face masks as they believed it contained anti-aging properties. These masks have been recovered from Egyptian and Roman tombs.

The stone was honoured in Tibetan, Indian and Chinese culture and it continues to be one of the most popular stones for carving in China.

Since it supports all types of love, including self-love and romantic love, it is associated with the Planet Venus and the Heart Chakra.

It is a stone best known for self-healing, especially when trying to heal love-based upsets such as a relationship break-up or the loss of a loved one.  It is like a beautiful relaxing bath for the soul. The calm and peaceful properties of Rose Quartz can also help you strengthen your sensation of self-love, promoting happiness and joy.


The natural formation of quartz crystals occurs when elements combine through the process of magma crystallization. If titanium is present during the cooling process, it combines with the silicon and oxygen that forms the quartz crystals. This creates an impurity in the quartz that causes the rose-coloured appearance, thereby forming Rose Quartz. It forms in massive deposits, also in clusters and points.  It is widely available and typically sourced in Brazil, Madagascar, India, South Africa and the United States.


There is no difference. Pink Quartz is Rose Quartz. It is a variety of clear quartz and closely related to Amethyst, Citrine and Smokey Quartz. Like all pink crystals, it creates and attracts love, kindness, appreciation, and compassion. And helps to promote forgiveness, self-acceptance and gratitude.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing


In crystal healing, rose quartz symbolizes the heart, and as such, it is associated with the Heart Chakra.  The Heart Chakra radiates the energy that supports and nourishes the entire human energy system. Place this beautiful stone on the chest area, and it will enable you to experience the healing power. It can ease emotional pain and anxiety and open the heart to receive warmth and compassion. Self-love is the most vital love of all. If you love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to give love so much more easily.  And it will strengthen your ability to forgive others more easily and yourself, which opens your heart to receive more love.

The love you've been seeking has always been inside you of you. So when you find it within you, you'll find it in others too.  

Same as all quartz, it is an amplifier. So works well with other crystals. The best crystals to work with Rose Quartz are amethyst, peridot and clear quartz.

Using rose quartz for healing


For all emotional conditions, it's best to carry or wear crystals. Hold them as much as possible and keep them around you always. Place a larger crystal in any room where you spend a lot of time. Rose Quartz is best placed in the home where you wish to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. 

The bathroom, in particular, is ideal as you can transform it into an oasis of relaxation, placing importance on self-care and self-love.

Since Rose Quartz is related to the Heart Chakra, it is used to balance (clear) this Chakra.  When the heart chakra is blocked, some symptoms might include a feeling of loneliness, jealousy or feeling emotionally suffocated.  The heart chakra can influence how the immune system functions and the health of the Thymus Gland in the body.  The Heart Chakra's energies help you connect with the world on a compassionate level.  If obstructed, you might find it difficult to reach out to others, as you might experience a cold sense of detachment from loved ones or the world in general.

The best and simplest affirmations to use with Rose Quartz is "I Love Myself", "I Love My Family", and "I Love My Life."

Spiritual benefits of amethyst and chakra meaning


Crystals absorb all kinds of energy, so it's essential to cleanse your crystal to give it a fresh start with its new owner. It really is a preference as to how you decide to cleanse your crystal. There are several ways -

A Smudge Stick made up of dried herbs.  Scientific studies have shown that "medicinal" smoke can rid the air of harmful bacteria. Burning herbs such as sage or sweetgrass have an uplifting effect by neutralizing the negative ions in your space. The smoke will neutralize any energy stored by the crystal, ready for you to programme the crystal. For Rose Quartz, the best herbs to use are sage, hawthorn, echinacea and pine.

Running water, either a stream or simply a running tap. Hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes until it feels refreshed.  It also helps to visualize the water washing away negative energy. 

Salt can be added to the water if you wish. This method has often been used in rituals for purification and protection.  It's believed salt absorbs negative energy.

Essential oils can also be added to water. Use oils known for their cleansing properties, such as sage, rosemary, sandalwood, lavender and palo santo.

Moon Energy, especially a full moon. Let your crystal soak up some moonlight. Place your crystal on a windowsill overnight or, better still, place it in the garden to reset and recharge.


In terms of the zodiac, rose quartz is related to Taurus and Libra.  Rose Quartz is connected to Venus since it is the planet of love and beauty and is associated with the relationships in our life. Both Taurus and Libra have Venus as their ruling planet which is why we associate this crystal with these two birthsigns.


Rose Quartz is simple to wear as jewellery. Your choices include beaded bracelets, gemstone necklaces, earrings and rings.

It also works well as a worry stone or tumblestone, pressed against the skin to absorb its vibrations and benefit from the potent healing properties.

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TO SUM UP: Benefits and Uses of Rose Quartz


  1. Wards off negativity
  2. Promotes emotional healing
  3. Increases confidence and self esteem
  4. Aids concentration and memory
  5. Inspires compassion
  6. Stimulates blood circulation
  7. Reduces wrinkles
  8. Creates strong bonds between mother and child
  9. Helps with forgiveness
  10. Aids meditation 


  1. Wear a necklace to fall at your heart chakra
  2. Use a face roller in your daily self-care routine
  3. Hold a chakra worry stone to meditate with
  4. Place a crystal under your pillow for peaceful dreams
  5. Make a rose quartz elixir to drink
  6. Place raw crystal pieces throughout your home
  7. Place an ornament in a special place such as a crystal tree
  8. Decorate your home with rose quartz candle holders
  9. Place a raw piece in the work place to ward of gossip
  10. Wear a beaded bracelet 


So, there you have it, Rose Quartz's multiple properties help one to find serenity, peace and love in a sometimes complicated and hectic world. 

If' you've time to discover more about Rose Quartz take a look at this video for an in-depth look at rose quartz and learn more about its many benefits... 

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