If a bracelet size from the product options list, or a custom size has not been provided, we will supply our stretch bracelets in Size Medium (M) which fits wrists size 16-17cm. This tends to fit most people as a comfortable fit. If you would like your bracelet customised to fit your wrist size, simply measure your wrist and enter your required size in the space provided on the product page. It's important to remember that a stretch bracelet should fit snugly around your wrist. We recommend a bracelet should be 1cm larger than the measured wrist size - this allows for wrist movement. If you prefer more "slack" add another 1cm. So, if your wrist measures 15cm - select 15cm on the product options or enter this size in the space provided. We will automatically add 1cm to determine the finished size of the bracelet.

So, for example, your 15cm wrist size is measured against a ruler to 16cm, but when made and placed on a mandrel (bracelet measuring tool) it measures 15cm - this ensures it will fit your wrist perfectly. We hope that makes sense but if you're having trouble with this, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Measure your wrist (not too tightly) at the widest point - just below the wrist bone.