Mother Love Bracelet Set

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Mother Love Bracelet Set


A power-packed bracelet set for feminine grace, deep-healing, better balance, and the purifying powers of intuition. For all those seeking strength, vitality, and the power to accept change and growth, this beautiful bead bracelet set will serve you well.

Rose Quartz enhances the mother and baby bond, both during pregnancy and after the birth, as it's an excellent stone to wear to be in the energy of love. A naturally protective stone, rose quartz helps keep mother and baby safe from conception through infancy.

Amethyst is the stone of compassion. Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind.

Rainbow Moonstone supports and strengthens the feminine cycles and helps through fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. 

  • Dimensions - S, M, L or Custom Fit
  • Jewellery Type - Bracelet
  • Main Stone Type - Rose Quartz; Amethyst; Rainbow Moonstone
  • Material - Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones
  • Brand - Djuna
  • Metal Type - Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Type - Bead with Sterling Accent
  • Bead Size - 4mm