Joy and Happiness Bracelet Set

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Joy and Happiness Bracelet Set


Put the joyful vibrations of this combination to work in your life with moonstone, sunstone and ocean jasper beads. This bracelet is perfect for channelling your inner goddess, but it's equally great for everyday wear.  The beauty of these stones is that they are all connected through the elements: Air, Water, Fire & Earth. These four elements are the building blocks for all matter in the universe! Each bead has its own unique vibration that will work together to create a powerful healing tool for you!

Ocean Jasper, a member of the quartz family, is found in a small cleft at the bottom of a cliff in Madagascar! A little place accessed by boat and only at low tide. Also known as the Atlantis Stone, it brings joy. Worry and other negative feelings are diminished as you enhance your personal power with this gemstone's energy. It is a gemstone to stimulate the heart chakra allowing loving feelings to be expressed in everything you say.

Sunstone lights a spiritual fire within you! These golden stones are a powerful way to bring joy into your life. Sunstone is a powerful stone for the more challenging times we are living in. This stone will fill you with energy making you feel life is worth living!

Rainbow Moonstone will bring serenity to your life. The frequency allows you to feel heartfelt joy and enhances your intuition. The stone brings deep inner awareness, and it's said that you will experience a greater number of serendipitous situations!

  • Dimensions - S, M, L or Custom Fit
  • Jewellery Type - Bracelet
  • Main Stone Type - Ocean Jasper; Sunstone; Rainbow Moonstone
  • Material - Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones
  • Brand - Djuna
  • Metal Type - Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Type - Bead with Sterling Accent
  • Bead Size - 4mm